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Why leave a hunting legacy? I remember it as clear as yesterday, sitting across from my great grandmother, Goldie. We would play dominoes or UNO during our many family mule deer hunting adventures in New Mexico.

Unfortunately, Goldie past away a few years ago. But I will never forget the many years she went mule deer hunting with us.

I recently ran across this newspaper clipping that I am sure Goldie clipped out, because it is her husband, my great grandpa, C.E. Fish that is featured here. I never did get a chance to meet him because he passed away when I was a baby.

However, it did reinforce our family’s hunting legacy. On many of our hunting trips we would have four generations hunting together.


3 reasons why I think it is important to leave a hunting legacy

1. Commitment to quality time

Committing to time away from work, home life, and the busyness of life is something that is priceless. Setting this time aside to get out and spend time together hunting will create memories that will last a lifetime. It sends a message that spending time together is important.

2. Life principles

I remember learning lessons about honoring your elders, honesty, consequences, importance of family, admitting mistakes, learning how to brag and embellish a story (ok, that one may not be so good). All of these things and much more were not structured preaching sessions, they were just things you picked up by spending time together.

I have always looked up to my uncle Dee, who is an avid Copenhagen consumer (dipper). And on one mule deer hunting trip when I was very young, my cousins and I stole an entire role from him (about 10 cans). We went and hid it under a rock, thinking that we would build up the courage to actually try it. Once he realized it was missing, he approached us and eventually made us admit we had taken it… tell the truth.

Then there was a consequence. No, we didn’t get put in time out or get licks (spanked, hit with the switch, or whatever you want to call it.) He made us all actually take the biggest dip you could ever imagine. Result, we all got sick as a dog. Let’s just say I never dipped again.

3. It’s just fun to do together

I have never laughed more in my life than when on hunting trips. I saw family out of their normal setting and constantly cutting up at camp. And you prayed you were not the recipient of that years practical joke.


I have specifically mentioned a hunting legacy, but this could be true for a special camping or fishing trip. The goal is to get away together with your family and friends. These are the folks that matter most.

Does your family have a hunting legacy? Do you think it is important?

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  • Hope you have a great experence, Find the trophy that you are looking for (any is a trophy), and how a grand memorial hunt Uncle Tooter, and Grandpa Charley. You need to come by sometime, so we can have a copy of my picture made for you. Would love to have a copy of this picture also. Somewhere,, there is a framed picture of this???? Great Hunting.

    • Nolan,
      I remember so many years of going deer hunting and hanging out around camp with those two. What a very special time. I would love to stop by sometime. I’ll email you the picture in this blog post. I have the original article from the newspaper framed in my house 😉 You going deer / elk hunting this year too?

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