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Elk hunting movies? I had never heard of such a thing until, The Trembling Giant.

“The Trembling Giant is a feature-length, documentary film inspired by the beauties of elk camp, the passion for hunting in the rugged Rocky Mountains and the unique connection between man, animal and nature. Join our filmmakers and team of hunters as they embark on a journey of this magnitude — considered for some to be a trip of a lifetime.”

Watch the elk hunting movie / documentary official trailer below.

You can also visit the official web site for the elk hunting movie.
I’ve always wanted to film my hunts so I could tell the full story why I like to hunt. However, I knew I could never do it justice. I am hopeful this is a film I can point my friends and family to help them get a better understanding of what my Colorado hunting trips are like. I also hope this is a film that can convince those that have been sitting on the fence about getting started elk hunting. After watching this I hope they decide to give it a shot.

This film looks like it is going to show a behind the scenes look of the real reason many of us hunt. . . to enjoy the great outdoors, to spend time with family and friends, to enjoy time around camp/camping, to have the opportunity to test our hunting skills, and so much more that has little to do with the act of harvesting an animal. But, don’t get me wrong. I go elk hunting with every intention to harvest an animal.

There will be a few screenings in theaters released this summer and I confirmed with their creators that Colorado will definitely be on the list. It will be released before Fall 2013, as if I needed anything else to get me more excited for the Colorado hunting season.
Elk hunting movies
Colorado bull elk in the Rocky Mountains. I took this photo in September, 2012.
Danner appears to be the force behind the film but in association with GORE-TEX, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Kamp Grizzly productions. Other Contributing sponsors for the film as listed from their site.

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