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The title of this blog comes directly from the mouth of a formerly sponsored child that spoke to us this evening. He was referring to letters that sponsors write to their child. This child is now in the Compassion Leadership Development program attending college.

We started off with a devotion and a praise and worship service at the Compassion DR office. We heard from three LDP students who have graduated and they now work at the office. They shared powerful testimonies of how God has changed their lives through their involvement with Compassion.

After a wonderful lunch with the entire DR staff we headed out to go see a Child Survival Project. These are projects that work with mothers (prenatal to 3 years old). This was an amazing place.

Then we we split up into three groups and went to visit families in their homes. The situations we experienced overwhelmed us all. These families were desperate. I plan to share more details of the home I visited tomorrow.

Tonight at dinner we heard testimonies from 5 Leadership Development students. My words could never do justice to the way God has delivered them and moved in their hearts. There was not a dry eye in the room.

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY. We all get to meet our sponsored children. The anticipation is extraordinary!

img_1847.jpg  View several photos from today.

PS – I had big plans to upload a couple of videos for today…but again… the internet connection is SO SLOW… this post was lucky to happen at all. God bless and please pray for our day tomorrow.

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  • WOW! Your blog posts are really like WOW! I mean I’m so amazed at all the WOW stuff you got it’s just making me go WOW! So glad you made it dude! I was almost sorry to hear about the Cowboys and then I remembered I don’t like them! So WOW was I pleased on Sunday!
    Take care guy and take lots of pics! And I will pray for you for tomorrow. How is this blog thing working out? Looks like it’s going great. Can’t wait to spread the love on this thingy. Have Pam post some stuff.

  • I told you the scary thing was me writing this blog…you know how I love to write! I mean I LOVE IT! But I’m trying.
    I’ll see if I can get Pam to do something.
    Peace and Love

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