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After most of us got a good solid three and a half hours of sleep we all joined up in the lobby ready to face another exciting day of seeing Compassion at work.

Our first visit was to a project where the children put on great performances of singing, sign language and one little boy even recited all the books of the Bible. This church has a special gift… there was a person their named Rosa who started a sign language ministry to children who were deaf. There were probably around 20 deaf children or more at the service giving their praise to God.

We had an interesting conversation with them after the church service….we asked questions in English, got it translated to Spanish, then signed to the kids, kids signed back, then got translated to English, then we had a sponsor on that is also hearing impared that needed to read the lips of the translator. VERY FUN.

Then we went on to visit several other projects and heard the testimony of Anabel, a Leadership Development student who is now a doctor.

One of the most moving parts of the day was wen we visited Anabel’s father’s church and he led us through a very poor neighborhood to see where he first built the church. It has since moved into a better neighborhood but is close enough that all the children can still come.

Gotta get to sleep…internet connection is not as good as hoped… having problems just making updates and uploading photos in painfully slow.

View all our photos on flickr. A couple are below.

(Above) Sponsors as the walk into the one of the poor areas of the Dominican Republic near Anabel’s father’s church which is also a Compassion project. (Below) Child from the project and a sponsor who are both hearing impaired. They enjoyed communicating via that crazy translation process I mentioned.


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