Dustin Hardage

Praise God, we all arrived safely in the Dominican Republic. The crazy thing … it is 4 am. But everyone is in good spirits and is anxious to go to bed in order to be ready for tomorrow.

What caused our late arrival was a broken window seal on the front of the plane… first they tried to fix it… that took a while. Then, they had to replace the plane…an hour later. Then, we all boarded…but then sat on the plane for an hour and a half while they transferred our luggage.

Praise God though…It gave everyone time to get to know each other better. . . always a silver lining. I know God has big things in store for this trip. Can’t wait until tomorrow.

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  • I’m surprised that you didn’t say there was a silver and blue lining. Giants and Cowboys are today. Maybe that’s why the window seal was broken. Someone had second thoughts and wanted off the plane so they could catch the game today.

  • We are glad everyone made it safely. It seems Satan is always trying to stop our efforts for good..

  • Glad you made it safely! Thanks for sharing about your trip this week. I sponsor a child in the DR, so I’m looking forward to reading more about your experiences there!

  • Would you believe the game was on the TV in our rooms…in Spanish of course…I am bummed out because of our loss… I am tired of saying maybe next year.

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