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Today we returned from our visit to projects in Barahona. These projects had never had sponsors visit them before so it was very exciting. View several photos from the last two days.

We split up into three groups. One went to the Haiti border and two others visited projects in Barahona. I was in one of the Barahona visits.

This project was so excited about having sponsors visit that that they had all 165 kids in the program come to the project for the whole day. The overwhelming the energy and joy all the children and staff had. We even had the opportunity to help feed all the children during lunch.

This project has only been open for seven months. But the director told us that the impact on the children has been evident. She says there is story after story of how children are bringing their families to church and making their parents pray before meals and bed.

In our visit to a families home on the way to Barahona the child their that was in the program was named, Katalina. When we asked her to tell us her favorite thing about going to the project she said, “Learning about God.” When we pressed her more about what other things she liked, she still answered, “Learning about God.”

I am hopeful that several sponsors will be making some posts soon to share the powerful stories of how God is moving in them and in the children they have met.
Sponsors walking to see the home of Katalina.

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